Royal Ascot

Posted by Jane Wildsmith on 29/06/2018 12:12


As Milliners, Royal Ascot is our absolute favorite day of the year! Not only because we get to get dressed up and parade around in our own massive hats all day, but because we get to see every one elses fabulous millinery creations. Ladies Day 2018 did not dissapoint.

Im not going to lie to you all and say preparation for this huge event came easy to us....from top hats tails and shoes everything seemed to come with a glitch. Fortunatly, when we did eventually get to the race course on Thursday 21st june, everything was perfect. we had the most spectacular day, and such incredible feedback from very kind ladies about our rather large Hatinators.

This year we were extremily lucky and had access to the Royal Enclosure. upon arrival i was slightly concerned about the grass and heels situation...however because of the beautiful sunshine the ground was dry and we could comfortably make our way to the nearest Bar and watch as all the fabulous outfits and hats passed by.

Ladies Day Royal Ascot


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