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Wild rose bespoke millinery  

Wild Rose Bespoke offer custom made designer Millinery and Bridal Headdresses in Derbyshire. We have a variety of Ready to wear items already on our site for you to have a browse through, or to use as inspiration, for your very own bespoke, custom made fascinator, hattinator or headdress. Click Here to start your bespoke creation. Our Millinery Studio is based in Ashover, in between Chesterfield and Matlock.


Wild rose bespoke millinery                      

“Wild Rose Bespoke all started in 2011, when my husband and I announced our engagement. My husband is a serving British Army Officer, and we were posted in sunny Cyprus at the time. My Mum, Sister and a group of excited girlfriends were on the next flight over, armed with bridal magazines, champagne and a 101 'good ideas'. The combination of sunshine and bubbles, soon meant that the simple, little wedding day my fiancée had invisaged had disappeared in a cloud of moodboards and sparkles. We had no restraint.”

“Reality however, paid us a visit when we sat down and worked out our budget. Suddenly our champagne fuelled, wild ideas had a very hefty price tag and we did have to reconsider a few plans at this stage. Undaunted (and relying on our creativity, rather than our purses), out came the sewing machine, a few hundred pounds of white silk, over a thousand white feathers and our crazy imaginations. 

“Et Voila... after a lot of mess, sleepless nights and more champagne, the perfect fairytale wedding was created (I am slightly biased as it was my wedding day).”

“It was a month later, when the dust and confetti had settled, and the hangovers had largely worn off, that Mum and I started getting commissions from family and friends. From bridal pieces for their own weddings and fascinators for the races, or something fancy for special occasions, we were in our element. News spread and all of a sudden, we became very busy.”

“My Mother Jane Wildsmith, and myself, Rosie Mason, have been working hard ever since to create 'Wild Rose Bespoke'. Now we can share our 100% original creations with everyone, in the hope that you all love them as much as we do.”                                                                                               

                                         Wild rose bespoke millinery

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